Baileys Harbor now has a permanent recycling location at the Green Site north of downtown on Hwy 57 for Baileys Harbor residents. Advanced Disposal will no longer do the bimonthly collection of recyclables at the Rec Park but will instead have a collection bin at the Green Site available daily. Items for recycling will all be put in the same bin, this is called “single stream” and includes paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum cans, tin and steel cans, and plastic bottles and containers. Signs will be posted at the Green Site where the bin is located for what is allowed for recycling. ABSOLUTELY NO GARBAGE IS ALLOWED! Fines will be given for improper disposal Ordinance #2017-01

Also available is a scrap metal bin in which you can place items like grills, bicycles, drained lawnmowers, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO GARBAGE, ELECTRONICS, LIQUIDS, WOOD, YARD WASTE OR PLASTIC!